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150 years ago lg

… before the first T-Rex skeleton was discovered
… before Edison patented the first commercially successful lightbulb
… before Einstein posited the theory of relativity
… before Amelia Earhart inspired generations of girls to believe they can fly
… the Marion Natural History Museum opened our doors!

Thanks to the generosity of Elizabeth Taber and donors like you across 15 decades, the MNHM continues to impact the lives of children, families, and individuals. Our free and no-cost programs embody our mission “to spark natural curiosity, foster environmental stewardship, and inspire lifelong learning by making science and technology accessible to all.” We specialize in the natural history of our local area and provide exhibits to engage our visitors and members.

We are “the little museum that could!” And the truth is, we couldn’t without you. We’ve endured and adapted across a century and a half of change. For our 150th Anniversary we hope you will consider giving to and volunteering at the Museum to ensure its continued evolution and sustainability.

The future scientist who cures cancer, fights climate change, saves our pollinators, or discovers life on another world may be peering through a microscope you provided! The future thanks you! We thank you!


Many thanks to the individuals and organizations that have supported the Marion Natural History Museum – especially over this past year – as we've worked together toward this celebration. Special thanks to the following:

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