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MNHM Rocketry

Thanks for your interest in our rocketry programs! If you’ve just attended one, we hope you had fun!

A number of retailers carry rocket kits and the necessary supplies to help you fly your rocket, but we’ve been fans of Apogee Rockets for a number of years. The folks at Apogee are enthusiastic and helpful, and their selection of products is huge.

Included below are some links that will hopefully help you further your progress in exploring this exciting hobby.

  • If you’d like to purchase another Apprentice rocket, along with everything needed to fly it, Apogee packages a complete starter kit including motors, the launch pad, etc. Its price makes it an attractive way to get started: Apprentice Starter Kit.

If you’d like to purchase each of the pieces required for a rocket launch, read on:

  • The kits we assemble during our programs are the Apprentice. It’s fairly durable, and the plastic fin assembly gets you to the launch pad faster: the Apprentice rocket kit.
  • To launch your rocket, you’ll need a launch pad. This Estes kit is a great place to start and is the same one we use during our own launches: Estes launch pad.
  • Rocket motors come in a variety of sizes. Motors sized A through C will fit the Apprentice kit, while sizes 1/2A are for the tiniest kits, and D motors (and larger!) are for the bigger kits. In our Apprentice launches, we use A8-3 motors (8 for the Newtons of thrust, and 3 for the seconds of delay before the parachute charge fires). Their lower power ensures we can (almost always!) get our rockets back afterward; this pack also comes with igniters required to light them: Estes A8-3 Motors.
  • Recovery wadding ensures that the hot gases from the ejection charge don’t singe the plastic parachute. Three squares placed in the body tube between the engine and the parachute will protect it: Recovery wadding.

These elements will help get you started, and hopefully before long building a collection of kits to fly from your pad! If you have any questions, feel free to email
































































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