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Search for the San Jose complete!

Thank you to Dr. Jeff Kaeli from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute for his fascinating presentation on WHOI’s contributions to the search for the elusive San Jose shipwreck.

The San Jose, long considered the “holy grail” of shipwrecks, went down with all hands aboard — along with an estimated $17 billion in treasure — in 1708 during a battle with the British Royal Navy.

Dr. Kaeli clearly explained the many technical challenges the team faced in searching for the 300-year old wreck and the clues that lead to its discovery in November 2015 off the coast of Columbia (the specific location remains secret).

Dr. Kaeli gave the talk to a nearly full house that The Wanderer described as “interested and technically engaged,” — many of the attendees had detailed questions about the technology WHOI deployed for the search.

We thank Dr. Kaeli for his time and informative discussion, and hope he’ll return again soon with more stories of discovery from WHOI!

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